Jenn helped our company grow by helping build terrific processes and instituting game-changing communication.

Our bottom line improved during this time—by focusing everyone on efficiency—and the projects were more fun as we had more success to celebrate together.

Barna wouldn’t be where it is today without Jenn!
— David Kinnaman, President, Barna


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Shout Outs

I was overwhelmed at the idea of a distributed team, but Jenn helped me structure our team for effectiveness and growth.

Her guidance on team communication principles and implementation of new tools was invaluable! We would not have reached our current level of impact without her.

— Alan Briggs, Stay forth designs

As a leader of a remote team in an organization that was used to working on-site, Jenn was able cultivate a unique, collaborative team culture and build bridges to our in-office counterparts.

She’s the ultimate connector, bringing people together to improve culture, processes, and strategy.

— Jeremy Gimbel, Conflux Group

Jenn is an effective leader but more than that she is a true and genuine team builder.

In less than six months she was able to take a team who barely knew or had worked together and turned it into a successful guiding force for the division.

— Josh Zuilkowski, Think Company

It’s not every day that a proven professional volunteers her time and talents to help a non-profit for free, but that’s exactly what Jenn has done for Storyline. 

Jenn worked with ministry leaders to create an ongoing newsletter, then she took the idea and ran with it—developing a streamlined process for content generation and recruiting a top-notch team of other volunteers to manage the monthly tasks.

We are so thankful for the skills Jenn brought to our table and would absolutely recommend her for your next project.

— Rob Simpson, Storyline Fellowship